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  • Other people: wow what a perfect morning for a run
  • Me: wow what a perfect morning to go the fuck back to sleep


talents include

  • fucking everything up
  • having no motivation
  • being a loser
  • anxiety
  • hating myself
  • disappointing people
  • sleeping too much
  • ugly
  • being dumb
  • crying
  • socially awkward
  • annoying everyone
  • having no actual talents

My life in a mother fucking nutshell

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that’s bologna

oh no you do not have that horrific song on your blog. barf


All I need is a hot Native American man and I’ll be content<3

Native men, get at me ;*


Si’s Gonad Emporium [x]

I never thouht I could love Si any more than I already do but he continues to prove me wrong <3

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